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3/8" Diam. Stock Cartridge Heaters
We can ship stock cartridge heaters on the same day, and we can ship a custom cartridge heater on the next day. The standard delivery for a cartridge heater is two weeks. Call Jobco today at 479-424-1300 to order the heating cartridges you need.
Check out our Stock Cartridge Heaters listed below:

3/8″ Diameter 10″ Fiberglass Leads

3/8″ Diameter 14″ or 26″ or 38″ Fiberglass Leads

3/8″ Diameter Fiberglass Leads & Type J Thermocouple

Options & Resources

This cartridge heater brochure contains information on all the features available for ordering a custom cartridge heater.   Call Jobco with your special cartridge heater request at 479-424-1300.   The more information you provide, the more accurate your cartridge heater design will be.


Cartridge Heater Add-On Features

Stainless Steel Fittings

Stainless Steel Fittings

Brass Fittings for Cartridge Heaters

Brass Fittings

Flanges for Cartridge Heaters


Standard flange material is stainless steel. Flanges can be round, irregularly shaped, or even as simple as a bead of weld. Contact Jobco for standard and non-standard flange configurations.

Strain Relief for cartridge heaters

Strain Relief

Provides extra support for leads. Great for applications with lots of flexing.

Resources and Information

Cartridge Heater Terminations

Cartridge Heater Lead Options

Cartridge Heater Lead EndSeals

Cartridge Heater Sheath Selections

Special Construction Options

Watlow Cartridge Heaters Overview

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