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Why Are Tutco SureHeat Hot Air Heaters & Hot Air Tools Used Worldwide?

Jobco Supply provides Tutco SureHeat’s electric process hot air heaters and hot air tools .These can produce high temperature air (up to 1652F/900C) with a patented Serpentine core element.  This Serpentine element is designed for efficient energy transfer from the hot air heater to the air/gas stream as it passes inside of the heater.  These hot air tools are small in size, but BIG on efficiency.  Tutco SureHeat high temperature air heaters can quickly rise to temperature and easily maintain your process heat, as well as provide a long heater life of 5000 hours or more when usage guidelines are followed.

Hot Air Heaters

Tutco SureHeat hot air heaters and hot air tools are manufactured by our professionals and they are specially designed according to our customer’s request and specifications. The hot air heaters are used for frost protection and temperature maintenance or control in the nacelles. Our Tutco hot air heaters are manufactured in such a way to withstand even in the harsh weather and rough environments.

The hot air heaters can distribute heat throughout your house using air to carry it. The heated air travels through a system of ducts and is expelled through vents into the different rooms and areas of your home in order to maintain a particular temperature. Whatever temperature you set to your thermostat to heat your room, it automatically shuts off when it reaches the desired temperature until the temperature drops down again. These hot air fan heaters can be delivered as portable versions or for permanent installation.

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 *Please click here for more information on ensuring a long hot air heater life with Tutco SureHeat’s Hot Air Heater Guidelines.


Uses & Applications

Since 1968, Tutco SureHeat has created a variety of products for the most demanding environments. The heaters can quickly achieve accurate and controllable temperatures up to 1652F (900C), which makes them perfect for industries requiring a critical hot air process.

CombustionSealing/CuringSalt Removal from Rubber Extrusions
Valve/Flow SimulationHeat-ShrinkingBending/Forming of Plastic Parts
ComponentFormingBonding/Welding Plastic Molded Parts
TestingAseptic Sterilization/FillingRapid Pre-heating on Conveyors
Beverage Co-packingPlastic De-flashing
AUTOMOTIVEThermal Spray Guns
Bonding Body PanelsPRINTINGThermal Oxidation
Curing AdhesivesSpeed Drying Coated PaperPaper Product Seam Sealing
Vacuum formingAdhesive Activation & CuringParade Balloon Sealing
Ink DryingGlue Pre-Heating
ELECTRONICSVinyl Hemming/WeldingHeat Staking Plastic Parts
Wave Soldering Air KnifeVinyl Backlit FilmPlastic Resin Drying
Soldering/ De-solderingVinyl Flex Billboards
PCB Drying ProcessesVinyl Mesh BannersTEXTILES
Vinyl WallscapesWelding Plastic or Vinyl Fabrics
MEDICALVinyl WrapsHeat-treating Specialty Fabrics
Pharmaceutical ManufacturingPSV (Pressure-Sensitive Vinyl) ProductsWaterproof Clothing
Packaging ProcessesWaterproof Seams--Tents, Rafts, & Umbrellas
Medical Hardware Sterilization

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