Threaded Inline Heaters

Tutco SureHeat threaded inline air heaters are used in many applications and laboratory settings that require extremely high and repeatable air temperatures along with high air pressures.  These inline air heaters are frequently used to meet the engine and component testing requirements for the airline and aerospace industries.  Each threaded inline air heater is UL Recognized.  There are two styles available:  Style”A” for an absolute leak-proof air system with power hook-up to post terminals, and Style “B” with the convenience of a wire lead power hook-up.  Please note–there can be a slight leakage of air due to the stranded wire design of the leads, when using Style “B.”   Call Jobco to order your threaded inline air heater at 479-424-1300.

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Product Guides & Information

Tutco SureHeat Threaded Inline Heaters Product Guide

Style A Threaded In-line Air Products:

♦UL Recognized

♦High Pressure power feed throughs

♦Leak-proof up to 150 psi (10 bar)

♦Maximum INLET air temperatures of 900F (482C)

Style B Threaded In-line Air Products:

♦UL Recognized

♦12″ (305mm) Flexible Wire Power Leads

♦Not Recommended for leak-proof systems due to slight leakage thru wire strands

♦Maximum INLET air temperatures of 200F (93C)