Tutco SureHeat Jet Air Heater

Tutco SureHeat’s Jet hot air heaters provide heating temperatures up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.  These air heaters are available in 3000 and 8000 watt versions. These heaters are made to run with 240 volt single phase electricity, and two temperature sensors are pre-installed into each heater.  One of the sensors measures the incoming air temperature, and the other sensor is responsible for measuring the process air temperature as it blows out of the heater.

The Tutco SureHeat Jet air heaters can handle a maximum incoming air temperature of 200 degrees F along with a maximum system air pressure of 60 psi.  The minimum  airflow that Tutco SureHeat recommends for their Jet models is 120 SCFM (57 SLPM); however please contact Jobco at 479-424-1300 with your air heating application questions and/or requirements.

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