Efficient & Portable Heating

Tutco SureHeat’s Skorpion Process Air Heaters are the strategic combination of controlled heating, portability, mountability, and unfailing performance. With Skorpion air heat guns, you get a complete process heating package for temperatures up to 1400 deg F (760 deg C) with +/- 2° accuracy .  This industrial hot air gun is ideal for the end user at an operator station or in a laboratory, university and/or R&D application.  It can easily be used for drying, curing, melting, shrinking, sealing or de-flashing plastic components.

The Skorpion heat gun has a conveniently built-in blower, so the end user doesn’t need an existing compressed air supply.  The consolidated Skorpion air heater design includes a digital temperature controller with a built-in temperature sensor for heating your process air, nitrogen and/or other non-reactive gas.

The Skorpion industrial electric air heaters feature Tutco SureHeat’s reliable Serpentine coil heat exchange technology. The Skorpion’s closed loop PID temperature monitoring prevents accidental overheat damage along with providing accurate performance and longer heater life. The Skorpion blower motor models have very few clogging issues due to their large air inlets–this is another reason for the heater’s longer life.  For flexibility, there are a total of six Skorpion models available–three models WITH a blower motor and three models WITHOUT.

The Skorpion heaters are plug-in ready with a totally self-contained and controlled heater and air supply.  If a maintenance issue occurs, then the heater element, the blower, and any electronic components can be individually replaced.  In addition, the Skorpion’s all-metal air generator is effective and sturdy enough to withstand a dusty environment.  It is supplied with an adjustable air damper for closely controlling air flow. Skorpion heater accessories include a high flow nozzle, a standard flare nozzle, and a wide flare nozzle.  All are slip-on mounted and secured with a set screw.


Heating Capacity Controllable to 1400F (760C)
Maximum Inlet Temperature: 200F (93C)
Minimum Recommended Airflow 2 SCFM
075615YES1500120 1 PHASE12.59.1813.38
075616YES3000230 1 PHASE12.59.1813.58
076008YES4500230 1 PHASE2010.8414.44
076436YES-HIGH FLOW3000230 1 PHASE2010.8414.44
075869NO1500120 1 PHASE12.5712.38
075835NO300230 1 PHASE12.5712.58
076029NO4500230 1 PHASE20713.44