Tutco SureHeat Max Air Heater & Max Ht Air Heater

Why use Tutco SureHeat Max Heaters?

Tutco SureHeat Max Air Heaters can be used for process temperatures as high as 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.  These air heaters are available for 240 volt, 380 volt, and 480 volt power systems–in single and three phase versions.

The Tutco SureHeat Max comes equipped with not one-but two–type K thermocouples internally installed on the heater.  These thermocouples allow the inlet temperature of the air and the exit air temperature to be closely monitored when the Tutco SureHeat Max heater is in use.

Due to its high wattages, this industrial heater quickly warms up to the process temperature, and the heater’s design also allows fast cool down times.  This Tutco SureHeat Max air heater can handle air pressures as high as 60 psi, and inlet air temperatures that are up to 200 deg F.

Need to run your process even hotter up to 1652 Deg F/900 Deg C?  Then click here to learn about Tutco SureHeat Max HT Heaters.

Please note that the recommended minimum airflow for this model of air heater is 12 SCFM, and the heater is RoHS compliant, which is another plus.

Call Jobco Inc. today to order your Tutco SureHeat Max air heater at 479-424-1300.

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