Cartridge Heater Lead Wires

Lead Wire Type Temperature Rating Comments Products
Duraflex 1022° F/ 550° C Excellent all around wire. Flexible, easy to strip. Not waterproof. Standard on all cartridge heaters, band heaters, strip heaters. Optional on silicone rubber heaters.
TGGT 482° F/ 250° C Durable, not waterproof. Optional on all heater products
Teflon 482° F/ 250° C Easy to pull through conduit, abrasion resistant, waterproof. Smaller OD than other wire types. Standard on silicone rubber heaters. Optional on all others.
Silicone Rubber 302° F/ 150° C Very flexible, water proof. Nicks easily. Optional on all heaters. Forms excellent moisture seal when used with RTV potting.
Braided Silicone Rubber 392° F/ 200° C Very flexible, waterproof. More abrasion resistant than plain silcone, but less so than other types. Standard on nozzle heaters, optional on all others.
HPN Cord 194° F/ 90° C Inexpensive, compact two conductor cord. Sometimes called lamp cord. Optional on all heater products.
SJO Cord 194° F/ 90° C Available in 2 or 3 conductor. More rugged than HPN cord. Also available with molded plug. Optional on all heater products.