Cartridge Heaters and Premature Infants: An Unconventional use of an Omnipresent Technology

We’ve talked in the past about the many uses of cartridge heaters. They are present in any number of sectors from the food industry, to the packing industry, etc. However, where human ingenuity and necessity are, technology is sure to be present. To prove this, cartridge heaters have been found to be very useful when it comes to keeping premature infants healthy and well. 

It is critical for premature infants to maintain a constant temperature. In fact, studies show that premature infants can lose their body heat four times faster than adults do. This fact makes it essential that doctors have a way to create and maintain a controlled environment in which premature babies’ temperatures can be kept at a constant level. This is where cartridge heaters come in handy. In fact, last year a German company began working with Watlow to develop a new line of incubators that can provide the constant temperatures these small babies require until they develop better control over their own body temperature. 

A reflector uses radiant heat to provide a constant 37°C temperature for the infant. In the warm-up stage of the device, the heaters ramp up to 600°C. This ensures efficient heat transfer to the infant. “In a former device, they used a ceramic heater in the reflector,” says Torsten Roth, key account manager for Watlow in Germany. “The infant beds are rolled around a lot and when they hit doorways, it would shake the bed and break the ceramic heater. Obviously, they don’t want pieces of the heater to fall on the babies.”

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