PowerBlanket Keeps Your Foam Working in the Cold

The Powerblanket® Foam Box and Cylinder Warmers, with even-heating (GreenHeat™) technology, allows foam to function properly in cold ambient temperatures, which keeps work commitments on time. This warming container delivers an invisible layer of insulated heat to spray foam and other products which optimizes your application in a chilly environment.

A warming container can help you in so many ways:

  • Allows foam to activate correctly in cold climates, so your project runs efficiently.
  • Designed to accommodate spray foam kit boxes AND cylinders.
  • Spraying is a breeze, because the foam temperature remains the same during your process.
  • Heating up things like caulking, paints and work supplies.
  • Keeps the hoses, nozzles, guns and equipment at a cozy temperature.
  • Comes with a lid on top for providing accessability.
  • Has UL/CSA/CE standards certification

What are you looking for–Drum Heaters, Barrel Heaters, or  Pail Heaters?

Drum heater blankets are extremely useful for keeping your oil and liquids at the correct process temperatures.  No more frozen liquids or temperature-related viscosity issues, when you are using a Powerblanket barrel heater during icy weather conditions.

With a PowerBlanket drum heater or pail heater, it’s possible to say good-bye to band heaters, blowers, heating belts, and cumbersome heat ovens. You can get rid of them, because PowerBlanket heaters benefit from the patented GreenHeat Technology.  This even heating technology can be found in every heater and is highly effective for low energy consumption results. Powerblanket drum heaters and bucket heaters are also available for fixed temperature applications or adjustable temperature requirements, so your drum materials will never be overheated or underheated again.

Lab studies show Powerblanket drum heaters, bucket heaters, & cylinder heaters to be significantly more effective than band heaters at warming and insulating drums, buckets, pails, gas cylinders, and IBC totes. Powerblanket heaters provide quick heat with a simplified setup procedure, and they are a reasonably priced!

PowerBlanket Drum Heater Blanket Highlights:

  • Use as a heating blanket for metal AND poly drums, barrels, and pails
  • Use as a propane tank heater or a compressed gas tank warmer
  • Provides barrel heating and bucket warming of water, petroleum, chemicals, and food products
  • Maximum freeze protection to -40 deg F/-40 deg C
  • Insulated full wrap design that holds the heat in and provides a barrier to the outdoor Artic temperatures
  • Certified to UL/CSA safety standards
  • New Rapid-Ramp heat technology available on select models for heating in half the time
  • Adjustable thermostat options for accurate temperature control

Why Do We Need Concrete Curing Blankets?

Concrete curing CANNOT take place on a surface, if it is frozen, if it is below freezing temperature, or if it has snow, ice, or frost on it.  So during those bitter cold months, there is no concrete curing without Powerblanket’s electric concrete blankets.  These heat blankets have a proprietary Green Heat technology to speed up the concrete curing time, which results in a better surface hardness and improved abrasion resistance.

More Benefits of Insulated Concrete Blankets

Electric curing blankets also help to prevent concrete freezing, concrete cracking, and rapid concrete drying during a wet cure process.  These concrete blankets can also help to deliver a superior finished product.

Used internationally by contractors during the wintry months, the PowerBlanket heat blankets help to extend the construction work season along with speeding up your schedule for completed jobs.  Concrete insulation blankets can be used for curing bridge decks, precast foundations, and other curing needs during subzero weather.  The PowerBlanket Multi-Duty concrete curing blankets can heat up to 110 degrees F, which makes them ideal for constructions sites in the winter months and the northern states.

PowerBlankets can be used for Ground Thawing, too.

In addition, a concrete curing blanket can be used for thawing frozen ground or as a snow melting mat.  The Extra Hot concrete blankets can heat up to 170 degrees F.

Results can vary due to the temperature outside, the wind speed, the moisture content of the ground, and the type of ground, (i.e. soil, sand, grass, gravel, etc.), but ongoing data suggests that your Powerblanket can thaw the ground with its heated section approximately 12 inches deep in a 24 hour period.  It is important to remember that snow and ice are terrible conductors of heat, so they need to be shoveled or scraped away before applying your Powerblanket to get the deepest penetration of heat beneath your frozen ground surface.

Order your Extra-Hot or Multi-Duty PowerBlanket today to keep your ground thawed by calling JobcoSupply.com to get your PowerBlanket products at 479-424-1300.

Backer Marathon Starflex Band Heaters

STARFLEX COMMON HEATER BAND DESIGNS--Custom Diameters & Wattages Available Upon Request

 1.5240/4807804.25 SF042-015A
 1.5240/4806005.25 SF052-015A
 1.5240/4809006.5 SF065-015A
 1.5240/48013007 SF070-015A
 1.5240/48013758.5 SF085-015A
 1.5240/48016759 SF090-015A
 1.5240/480212513.94 SF139-015A
 1.5240/480220019 SF190-015A
 1.5240/4802350 20.00 SF200-015A
 1.5240/4803600 22.50SF225-015A
 1.5240/4803000 24.50SF245-015A
2.5240/480 357513SF130-025A
2.5240/480 327513.19SF131-025A
2.5240/480 300014SF140-025A
2.5240/480 272514.94SF149-025A
2.5240/480 372514.94SF149-025B
2.5240/480 230015.19SF151-025A
3240/480 200010SF100-030A
3240/480 325011.5SF115-030A
3240/480 353515SF150-030A
3240/480 540019SF190-030A

Chromalox Screw Plug Immersion Heaters Water Guide

Chromalox Screw Plug Immersion Heaters Water Guide

Clean or Process Water 1 YES ARMTS
Clean Water 1-1/4 NO MT-1
Clean Water 2 NO EMT-3
Clean Water 2 YES ARMT-2
Clean Water 2 NO MT-2
Clean Water 2 NO CH-SD
Clean Water 2-1/2 YES ARMT-3
Clean Water 2-1/2 NO MT-3
Process Water  2 YES ARMTS-2
Process Water  2 NO MTS-2
Process Water  2 YES AREMTS-3
Process Water  2 NO EMTS-3
Process Water  2-1/2 YES ARMTS-3
Process Water  2-1/2 NO MTS-3

Chromalox Flange Immersion Heaters Guide

Chromalox Flange Heaters Guide

Application Type Flange Sizes Available Sheath Material Flange Material Heater Model
Clean Water 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, & 14 Copper Steel TM
Process Water 3, 5, 6, & 8 St. Steel Steel TMS
Solution Water 3, 5, 6, & 8 Incoloy Steel TMI
Mildy Corrosive Solution 3, 5, 6, & 8 St. Steel Steel TMS
Corrosive Solution & Gas 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, & 14 Incoloy Steel TMI
Severely Corrosive Solution 3, 5, & 6 Incoloy  St. Steel TMIS
Clean Water 14 Copper Steel ARMT-3
Clean Water 2-1/2 NO MT-3
Process Water  2 YES ARMTS-2
Process Water  2 NO MTS-2
Process Water  2 YES AREMTS-3
Process Water  2 NO EMTS-3
Process Water  2-1/2 YES ARMTS-3
Process Water  2-1/2 NO MTS-3

Call Jobco for help with finding a Chromalox heater for your application by dialing 479-424-1300.

Tutco SureHeat (Sylvania) Air Heater Failures Due to Voltage Overshoot or Zero Airflow

Element failures caused by voltage overshoot while airflow was present.  Since the airflow was present, the damage occurred only at the air exit end. download

This element had a voltage overshoot with airflow, but not enough to keep the ENTIRE length of the heater element below 1900F.  Damage occurred at the middle and air exit ends.

Element failure caused by applying voltage when there is zero airflow.  Please note the damage occurs along the entire length of the coiled element.