CERAMIC HEATER ELEMENTWhy buy Ceramic Heaters?

Radiant heaters are also known as ceramic heater elements, infrared heaters, or ceramic emitters. These radiant heaters create medium wavelengths of infrared radiation. Infrared energy is commonly used to heat plastics or food products, to bake out moisture, and to cure painted surface finishes.

Ceramic heating elements give off infrared energy that is absorbed very efficiently by plastic materials, carbon-based substances, and water.  The objects are heated–not the air–so energy isn’t wasted heating up the air surrounding the object like typical convection-style heating elements.  These heaters also can have a very long life (10,000+ hours) when continuously operated under normal process conditions.  Vibration and/or other adverse process conditions have little to no effect on the overall performance of these durable heaters.

Ceramic heaters are available with a cast-in type K thermocouple (or a potted type J by special request) and universal mounting clips that make it easy to install the heaters into existing equipment made by a variety of manufacturers.  Jobco keeps many ceramic heater elements in stock, and can supply any custom ceramic heating element you need.

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