starflow_240What is a Circulation Heater?

Circulation heaters are an ideal way to quickly and easily set up a self-contained electrical heating system in a commercial, industrial, or military facility. A circulation heater comes with heater elements, a pressurized receptacle with insulation, a terminal housing, mounting features, and threaded inlet/outlet connections. A circulation heating system can be engineered to warm air, gases, or fluids.

The heating source for a circulation heater can be a screw plug immersion heater or a flanged immersion heater. These circulating process heaters are efficient, because the heat created by the immersion elements is instantaneously dispersed into the process air, gas, or water with a minimal amount of heat loss occurring within the insulated vessel.

Setting up a circulation heater is relatively easy–just hook up the electrical screw terminals located inside the terminal housing, screw the necessary pipes into place at the inlet and outlet locations, and dial in your desired process temperature on the thermostat (if supplied with your circulation heater).

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