Convection vs. Radiant Heaters: Their Differences and How they Work

Whether most people know it or not, there are two kinds of heaters that can be purchased buy for either home or business use. There are also differences between the two kinds of space heaters. The kinds of heaters are radiant and convection heaters. They are both effective at warming spaces but they work in completely different ways. Here is a breakdown of the two kinds of heaters, how each functions and a look at the question of which is more effective.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heating works by creating infrared radiation. Further, the warmth from radiant heaters travels out in electromagnetic ways that are then absorbed by the objects that they run into. Campfires and fireplace are two examples of radiant heat. Finally, radiant heat is – unlike convection heating – directional and remains unaffected by the medium through which it travels. This kind of heating is growing in popularity throughout the market.

Convection Heat

One the other hand, convection heaters heat the air that circulates through a target area. Convection currents are drawn into and through the heating element – usually by a fan – and this in turn heats up the entire room by raising its temperature. In other words, it is not directional in that it heats spaces indirectly. The kinds of convection heat are oil, ceramic, water, fan heaters, and furnaces.

What’s more Effective?coil heater

As we said, both can heat spaces quite effectively. Convection heaters warm spaces slower than do radiant heaters but they provide heat over a longer period of time and over larger areas. Radiant heaters heat up spaces too but usually warm smaller areas as compared to convection heaters. As it so happens, some people use a combination of the two in order to get the best features of each technology.

So, which one you use depends on your business needs. We can provide you with powerful and efficient radiant heaters as well as a Watlow cartridge heater and our coil heaters. We also sell temperature sensors & accessories to meet your commercial requirements. Our manufacturers are the top names in the business including Watlow, Osram Slyvania, Chromalox, Next Thermal and others.