Frequently Asked Questions about Cartridge Heaters

In order to get the most utility from your cartridge heater it is best to know all you can about it. Otherwise, you may be wasting time, money and creating a hazard for employees. If, for example, the wrong termination for a particular application is chosen this may lead to failure. So that you derive the best performance from your cartridge heater and assure the parts we sell you have a long life, we present these frequently asked questions about this product.

  1. What can be done to prolong the service life of a cartridge heater?

We’ve touched on this subject before but it is one that bears repeating. Obviously, you can get the most value from any machine part you buy by knowing how to use it properly. Cartridge heaters generally fail due to improper fit, too much moisture, contamination, movement, improper selection, improper installation and high watt densities. The best way that you can ensure that these conditions are avoided is to discuss your specifications with the company you are buying your cartridge from and to read all materials that accompany it.

  1. How long will a cartridge heater last?

This of course depends a great deal on how much and how often it is used. The exact factors that go into determining the longevity of a cartridge healer are temperature, duty cycles, heater design, the operating environment and controlling methods.

  1. How do I determine the correct hole diameter size for my application?

For Watlow products you can use this link to determine the proper hole diameter size.cartridge heater

  1. What is a medium watt density cartridge heater?

A medium watt density cartridge heater has a continuous resistance spiral throughout the heater. This makes it more reliable than other kinds of heaters.

  1. How much do heaters cost?

This depends on the specifications required for each application. Most manufactures allow customers to configure heaters to meet the specific requirements for which they will be applied. You can also consult with us about your specific needs and we can go from there.

  1. What Cartridge Heater Solutions can Jobco Provide?

Jobco is the smart choice for heat management. We have a variety of heater types form the leading manufacturers in the business. This can help you to get the heater your business needs rather than a general use cartridge. Choosing just the right cartridge heaters and coil heaters for custom use will help dramatically improve the durability, product quality, responsiveness and cycle time of your industrial machines.