Before Installation:

  1. Unpackage the mica heater(s) and inspect for any shipping damage.  DO NOT OPERATE DAMAGED EQUIPMENT.
  2. Verify marking the wattage and volt rating and compare to your Mica-heater-installation.

Installation Instructions:

  1.  Mica heaters should be installed on smooth clean cylinders or flat surfaces.
  2.  When putting mica band heaters on a barrel or nozzle, to avoid damage or premature failure, do not open up the heater for installation unless it is designed to be a one-time expandable band heater or hinged band heater.
  3.  Make sure the mica heater is seated snugly, and the clamping band is tightened as much as possible.

Optimizing Heater Performance:

  1. Use the correct mica band heater diameter on the application to ensure a proper fit.
  2.  Retighten the mica heater clamps after the heater has been energized and cooled.
  3.  Avoid using excessive torque when tightening the post terminals. Use a wrench to hold the bottom nut while loosening/tightening the top nut.
  4. Do not allow contaminants such as dirt, oil, and plastics to collect on the mica heaters.  These materials can carbonize and cause electrical shorts.
  5.  The maximum sheath temperature of a standard mica heater is 900 degrees Fahrenheit.