Installation of Chromalox Type TTUH-CO Urn Heater


FIRE/EXPLOSION HAZARD. This heater is not intended for use in hazardous atmospheres where flammable vapors, gases, liquids or other combustible atmospheres are present as defined in the National Electrical Code. Failure to comply can result in personal injury or property damage.

ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD. Disconnect all power before installing or servicing heater. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or property damage. Heater must be installed by a qualified person in accordance with the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70.

FIRE HAZARD. Since heaters are capable of developing high temperatures, extreme care should be
taken to:
A. Avoid mounting heaters in an atmosphere containing combustible gases and vapors.
B. Avoid contact between heaters and combustible materials.
C. Keep combustible materials far enough away to be free of the effects of high temperature.
D. Keep heater immersed at all times.

The system designer is responsible for the safety of this equipment and should install adequate back-up controls and safety devices with their electric heating equipment. Where the consequences of failure could result in personal injury or property damage, back-up controls are essential.

Chromalox Urn Heater Installation Instructions

1. Remove cover.

Conduit Box Cover Removed

2. Loosen set screw with 5/64” balldriver Allen wrench to remove conduit box.

3. Remove thermal cutout by pulling directly out.

4. Remove enclosure flange (mounting clamp) assembly by removing 5/16” socket head cap screw in center.

5. Insert element and gasket in tank opening (Use sealer if tank wall is corroded.).
6. Replace enclosure flange assembly and the 5/16” socket head
cap screw.

7. Push cutout into place. Be sure the thermal cutout is properly located and seated on the conductor rod. (See Figures 3 & 4.).
8. Secure cutout to the conductor rod with the set screw. (See Figure 3.).
9. Make sure fully insulated 1/4” female spade connectors are used when connecting to the thermal cutout.
10. On all single phase units less than 3kW – attach power leads to T1 & T2 (See Figure 4.) and connect cutout lead to one terminal on the cutout.
Note: Single phase heaters 3kW and above and all three phase models require the use of a suitable magnetic contactor, and this is supplied by the customer and should be installed by a licensed electrician.

This part is inside the water tank

This part is outside of the water tank

Figure 5

11. On all TTUH-CO Three Phase Delta Units – Twist 1L3 & 2L3 leads together to create L3, then, attach power leads to L1, L2 & L3. Connect cutout to relay or contactor coil (See Figures 5A.).
12. Replace cover with the “push to reset” hole directly over the cutout.
13. Refer to the main portion of the Chromalox installation and operation instructions for all other information.
14. The thermal cutout on the TTUH-CO provides dry running burn-out protection only. Partial immersion of the elements while energized can shorten element life. The cutout is a safety device only & should not be used continuously as a low liquid-level control.
15. Should the thermal cutout trip during operation, disconnect all power to the heater before resetting.
16. Apply the manual reset locator label 170-122103-111, in view, to help locate the manual reset button.

17. Follow Chromalox’s recommended usage and maintenance guidelines to obtain maximum service life from your bottom mount urn heater.