Cartridge Heaters and Premature Infants: An Unconventional use of an Omnipresent Technology

We’ve talked in the past about the many uses of cartridge heaters. They are present in any number of sectors from the food industry, to the packing industry, etc. However, where human ingenuity and necessity are, technology is sure to be present. To prove this, cartridge heaters have been found to be very useful when […]

Tote heaters are an excellent solution for keeping your materials at an ideal temperature even when they are surrounded by cold winter air. Here is a closer look at the primary benefits and uses of tote heaters. They are easy to install: Ease of installation is more than a mere convenience. Because tote heaters are […]

6 Ways to Increase Manufacturing Productivity

Regardless of whether your company is manufacturing or service oriented, it must remain productive to stay in business. After all, the more production you can squeeze out in a period of time, the more money your company can make the more competitive it will remain. For your convenience, we’ve narrowed the list down to the […]

The Advantages of Quartz Heaters

Quartz is a hard and shiny stone used in electronic equipment, generally in watches. Quartz heaters contain some of the most efficient types of heating elements available. They convert 100% of the electrical energy used into heat. The many advantages that quartz heater offer for businesses include:  Even heat distribution: Quartz infrared rays heat the […]

Reason You Need an Oil Tank Heater Blanket

Fall is here and winter is fast approaching. For facility managers, this can be a difficult time of year as cold weather is often challenging and they must keep equipment and personnel operating despite the lower temperatures. What can oil and gas companies do to ensure their product is kept safe from winter weather? One […]

Signs Your Immersion Heater Needs to be Replaced

One way to lower equipment costs for businesses is to make sure that each piece of equipment functions to its full potential. When it comes to heating elements this can be quite a challenge. Such equipment does indeed have a limited life. However, when an immersion heater fails it is not always due to age. […]