Watlow Enclosure Heaters

Electrical and mechanical enclosures located outdoors or in basements often present special problems.  They may contain batteries that don’t hold up in cold weather.  An even tougher problem is condensation or freezing in the box. Jobco features WatRod enclosure heaters from Watlow.  These heaters are specifically made to keep enclosures warm, dry, and running.  The […]

Chromalox Packaged Heating Systems

You’ve got a tank of fluid that needs to be heated, but it’s not accessible, it’s too viscous for regular heaters, or it’s too heat sensitive for most heaters.  Check out the Packaged Heating Systems from Jobco and Chromalox. Their heat transfer systems are designed for water, antifreeze solutions, and heat transfer fluids.  They can […]

Saving Money with JOBCO

How does Jobco save you money?  Easy.  If you’ve ever ordered thermocouples, RTDs, cartridge heaters, air heaters, or any other kind of process heater, you know specifications are everything.  Insulation, Tip Type, probe length, shielding, diameter, end profile, lead length, connector types, number of wires, number of sensors -there’s practically no end to the number […]

Best Steel Toe Shoes

Steel toe shoes are vital in a lot of manufacturing settings.  You want good ones, but do you really need to spend $200 to get them?  Turns out you don’t.  I was surprised by the results of these head-to-head tests -so surprised that I know exactly what brand I’ll be buying when I need a […]

Packaging and Shipping Heaters

Packaging and shipping are part of everybody’s operation it seems.  Maybe you’re shipping retail products; maybe it’s industrial equipment.  Whatever it is, Jobco has the experience and expertise to keep you in the right equipment to make your packing and shipping run much smoother. You need to dry the contents before sealing?  Check. Plastic welding […]

Cartridge Heaters and Premature Infants: An Unconventional use of an Omnipresent Technology

We’ve talked in the past about the many uses of cartridge heaters. They are present in any number of sectors from the food industry, to the packing industry, etc. However, where human ingenuity and necessity are, technology is sure to be present. To prove this, cartridge heaters have been found to be very useful when […]