Tutco Sureheat® Offers Max HT 900°c Air Heaters To Product Line

HIGHER AIR TEMPERATURES INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY Tutco SureHeat now offers a process air heater that will allow manufacturers to increase productivity through increased speeds.  This breakthrough design provides higher process temperatures without contributing to excessive heater replacements and down time. The Tutco Sureheat facility in New Hampshire has been producing electric process air heaters for over […]

Chromalox 6040 Temperature Controllers

Buy these Universal Input Controllers: 6040 1/16 DIN Temperature and Process Controllers Optional Configuration Software • Ramping Setpoint • Adjustable Hysteresis • Valve Motor Drive Position • Heater Break Alarm Function • Remote/Dual Setpoint Options • Security Options • UL, cUL, CE & CSA • 3 Year Warranty • Jumperless Configuration • Auto Detected Hardware • Process & Loop Alarms […]

Extending Tutco SureHeat Air Heater Life


OSRAM SYLVANIA’S  Process Heat Department manufactures all products per the plant’s document control system, which is a centralized database for total material traceability. OSRAM only uses approved drawings and checks each product per a standardized AND documented quality management system. Within this quality system, quality check cards are created during a production run.  The quality […]

Hot Air Heaters & Catalyst Element Testing

Did you know that Osram Sylvania hot air heaters are used for emission testing catalyst elements by accurately simulating the high engine temperatures involved in the oxidation and reduction of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide into less hazardous substances like carbon dioxide? The heaters are ideal for a laboratory environment to provide accurate hot air […]