Cartridge Heater Lead Wires

Lead Wire Type Temperature Rating Comments Products Duraflex 1022° F/ 550° C Excellent all around wire. Flexible, easy to strip. Not waterproof. Standard on all cartridge heaters, band heaters, strip heaters. Optional on silicone rubber heaters. TGGT 482° F/ 250° C Durable, not waterproof. Optional on all heater products Teflon 482° F/ 250° C Easy […]

Types of Cartridge Heater Terminations

Swaged in Leads Swaged in leads are ideal for applications where there is a lot of movement or the leads must be bent sharp upon exiting the heater. Standard lead wire type is Duraflex wire, rated to 550 deg C. Other lead wire types are available. Crimped or Welded on Leads Crimped on leads are […]

Tutco SureHeat (Sylvania) Air Heater Failures Due to Voltage Overshoot or Zero Airflow

Element failures caused by voltage overshoot while airflow was present.  Since the airflow was present, the damage occurred only at the air exit end. This element had a voltage overshoot with airflow, but not enough to keep the ENTIRE length of the heater element below 1900F.  Damage occurred at the middle and air exit ends. […]