User formable and conveniently marked at both the center and cold sections, Nextflex installs quickly in just a few easy steps!

Measuring the Manifold’s Center Point

(These steps can be skipped if you already have the center of the groove marked.)

Measurement 1

Press a cord (an extension cord works well) into the manifold groove.

Measurement 2

Mark the location of the groove’s starting and ending points on the cord. Because the heater length will grow during installation, consult the expansion chart to ensure proper heater selection:

Measurement 3

Measure the length between the two marks and make a third mark at the measured center between the start and end points.

Measurement 4

Press the cord back in the groove, aligning cord marking on one end with the end point on one side of the manifold groove. Install the cord into the groove up to its measured center point and mark the corresponding center point on the manifold.  Now you are ready to install your Nextflex heater.

Installing Nextflex Flexible Tube Heaters

Nexthermal’s forming tool/pipe, hammer with plastic head, and staking tool make installation a quick and easy process.  All installations must be electrically grounded.
Step 1

Starting at the center of the groove, use the Nextflex forming tool to bend the Nextflex heater at the center mark consistent with the tool bend

Step 2

Hold the Nextflex heater directly above the groove at the point of installation. Strike the Nextflex heater hard to seat it well. Form and install in short lengths to prevent re-bending. Always start by installing the heater at the center mark at the center location of the groove.

Step 3

It is important to make sure the Nextflex heater is directly above the groove prior to striking. Form and install in 1 to 2 inch sections (25 to 50 mm).
NOTE: Heater is flexible due to annealing. Multiple bends in the same location work harden the heater. For best results, form the heater as precisely as possible prior to installing in the groove.

Step 4

Keeping the heater flat and controlling the forming tool with your free hand, bend curves so they are directly above the groove. All heated lengths must be within the manifold groove.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the straight section of the groove is fully installed prior to forming your bend.

Step 5

One strong strike is more effective than two soft strikes. If your groove dimensions are correct, you will not damage the internal heater.  The Nextflex staking tool is a key component to seat the heater properly, improve heat transfer and maximize heater life. Strike hard to stake every 3/4 inch (20 mm).

Step 6

Install the last 35mm of unheated Nextflex sections straight.  Do NOT bend the unheated section sticking outside of the manifold.  A cover plate or retaining clips are recommended to hold the heater in place for the best results and heat transfer.