OSRAM SYLVANIA’S  Process Heat Department manufactures all products per the plant’s document control system, which is a centralized database for total material traceability. OSRAM only uses approved drawings and checks each product per a standardized AND documented quality management system.

Within this quality system, quality check cards are created during a production run.  The quality check cards assist with inspection criteria for the finished assembly and are used to confirm the part meets the necessary electrical requirements.  The quality check cards from production runs are kept on file for one year.

The quality check cards contain the following information:  assembly operator, production date(s), drawing number with revision, part number, production quantity, resistance level measured, HYPOT test measured (if applicable), Pass/Fail results, check off verification of correct labeling and identification, and an inspector sign-off with the date.

Standard operating procedures for complicated heater or control box assemblies are created and approved by the Project Foreman.  These detailed work instructions are a step-by-step guide for the assembly operator to follow.

In addition to the quality inspection cards and the standard operating procedures, Osram’s speciality flanged inline heaters also have a testing and inspection certificate protocol that can only be completed by an approved OSRAM quality engineer.  The quality engineers perform a visual  inspection, a resistance test, and a HYPOT test.  Resistance values must correlate with the approved kilowatt rating for the particular heater model.  This certificate must be approved, signed & filed per the Osram document control system requirements. Certificate copies are provided to the customer upon completion of the speciality flanged heater order.