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KTE & KTG Series C Quartz Heaters

PCN/TypeWattsVoltsDrawingA Dim. (in.)B Dim. (in.)
KTE20015 Translucent Tube W/O TC125220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE20017 Translucent Tube W/O TC200220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE20019 Translucent Tube W/O TC250220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE20021 Translucent Tube W/O TC325220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE20023 Translucent Tube W/O TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE30011 Translucent Tube W/O TC185220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE30013 Translucent Tube W/O TC300220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE30015 Translucent Tube W/O TC375220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE30017 Translucent Tube W/O TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE30019 Translucent Tube W/O TC750220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE10023 Translucent Tube W/O TC250220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE10025 Translucent Tube W/O TC400220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE10027 Translucent Tube W/O TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTE10029 Translucent Tube W/O TC650220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTE10031 Translucent Tube W/O TC1000220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTE40011 Translucent Tube W/O TC375220/240C1 (Double Head)9.75N/A
KTE40013 Translucent Tube W/O TC600220/240C1 (Double Head)9.75N/A
KTE40015 Translucent Tube W/O TC750220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE40017 Translucent Tube W/O TC1000220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE40019 Translucent Tube W/O TC1500220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE50011 Translucent Tube W/O TC500220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE50013 Translucent Tube W/O TC800220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE50015 Translucent Tube W/O TC1000220/240C1 (Double Head)19.50
KTE50017 Translucent Tube W/O TC1500220/240C1 (Double Head)19.50
KTE50019 Translucent Tube W/O TC2000220/240C1 (Double Head)19.50
KTE60011 Translucent Tube W/O TC250220/240C219.50
KTE60013 Translucent Tube W/O TC400220/240C219.50
KTE60015 Translucent Tube W/O TC500220/240C219.50
KTE60017 Translucent Tube W/O TC650220/240C219.50
KTE60019 Translucent Tube W/O TC1000220/240C219.50
KTE20018 Translucent Tube W/ TC200220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE20020 Translucent Tube W/ TC250220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE20022 Translucent Tube W/ TC325220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE20024 Translucent Tube W/ TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE30012 Translucent Tube W/ TC185220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE30014 Translucent Tube W/ TC300220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTE30016 Translucent Tube W/ TC375220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE30018 Translucent Tube W/ TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE30020 Translucent Tube W/ TC750220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE10024 Translucent Tube W/ TC250220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE10026 Translucent Tube W/ TC400220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTE10028 Translucent Tube W/ TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTE10030 Translucent Tube W/ TC650220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTE10032 Translucent Tube W/ TC1000220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTE40012 Translucent Tube W/ TC375220/240C1 (Double Head)9.75N/A
KTE40014 Translucent Tube W/ TC600220/240C1 (Double Head)9.75N/A
KTE40016 Translucent Tube W/ TC750220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE40018 Translucent Tube W/ TC1000220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE40020 Translucent Tube W/ TC1500220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE50012 Translucent Tube W/ TC500220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE50014 Translucent Tube W/ TC800220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTE50016 Translucent Tube W/ TC1000220/240C1 (Double Head)19.509.88
KTE50018 Translucent Tube W/ TC1500220/240C1 (Double Head)19.50
KTE50020 Translucent Tube W/ TC2000220/240C1 (Double Head)19.50
KTE60012 Translucent Tube W/ TC250220/240C219.50
KTE60014 Translucent Tube W/ TC400220/240C219.50
KTE60016 Translucent Tube W/ TC500220/240C219.50
KTE60018 Translucent Tube W/ TC650220/240C219.50
KTE60020 Translucent Tube W/ TC1000220/240C219.50
KTG20013 Gold Coated W/O TC200220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG20015 Gold Coated W/O TC250220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG20017 Gold Coated W/O TC325220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG20019 Gold Coated W/O TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG30011 Gold Coated W/O TC185220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG30013 Gold Coated W/O TC300220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG30015 Gold Coated W/O TC375220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG30017 Gold Coated W/O TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG30019 Gold Coated W/O TC750220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG10012 Gold Coated W/O TC250220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG10014 Gold Coated W/O TC400220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG10016 Gold Coated W/O TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTG10018 Gold Coated W/O TC650220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTG10020 Gold Coated W/O TC1000220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTG40011 Gold Coated W/O TC375220/240C1 (Double Head)9.75N/A
KTE40013 Gold Coated W/O TC600220/240C1 (Double Head)9.75N/A
KTG40015 Gold Coated W/O TC750220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTG40017 Gold Coated W/O TC1000220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTG40019 Gold Coated W/O TC1500220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTG60011 Gold Coated W/O TC250220/240C219.50
KTG60013 Gold Coated W/O TC400220/240C219.50
KTG60015 Gold Coated W/O TC500220/240C219.50
KTG60017 Gold Coated W/O TC650220/240C219.50
KTG60019 Gold Coated W/O TC1000220/240C219.50
KTG20014 Gold Coated W/ TC200220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG20016 Gold Coated W/ TC250220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG20018 Gold Coated W/ TC325220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG20020 Gold Coated W/ TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG30012 Gold Coated W/ TC185220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG30014 Gold Coated W/ TC300220/240C1 (Single Head)4.88N/A
KTG30016 Gold Coated W/ TC375220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG30018 Gold Coated W/ TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG30020 Gold Coated W/ TC750220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG10013 Gold Coated W/ TC250220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG10015 Gold Coated W/ TC400220/240C1 (Single Head)7.31N/A
KTG10017 Gold Coated W/ TC500220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTG10019 Gold Coated W/ TC650220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTG10021 Gold Coated W/ TC1000220/240C1 (Single Head)9.75N/A
KTG40012 Gold Coated W/ TC375220/240C1 (Double Head)9.75N/A
KTE40014 Gold Coated W/ TC600220/240C1 (Double Head)9.75N/A
KTG40016 Gold Coated W/ TC750220/240C1 (Double Head)14.63 7.4
KTG40018 Gold Coated W/ TC1000220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
KTG40020 Gold Coated W/ TC1500220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
Gold Coated W/ TC500220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
Gold Coated W/ TC800220/240C1 (Double Head)14.637.4
Gold Coated W/ TC1000220/240C1 (Double Head)19.50
Gold Coated W/ TC1500220/240C1 (Double Head)19.50
Gold Coated W/ TC2000220/240C1 (Double Head)19.50
KTG60012 Gold Coated W/ TC250220/240C219.50
KTG60014 Gold Coated W/ TC400220/240C219.50
KTG60016 Gold Coated W/ TC500220/240C219.50 9.88
KTG60018 Gold Coated W/ TC650220/240C219.50 9.88
KTG60020 Gold Coated W/ TC1000220/240C219.50 9.88

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