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A40W RING HEATER 5.43 ODRugged and easy to install, these Chromalox ring heaters transfer heat by either conduction or convection to heat liquids, air, gases, and surfaces. These single heat rings can be used in tank bottoms, pie dough presses, buffet tables, platens, dies, hot plates, glue and lead melting pots for drying, pre-heating, melting, baking, soup or food warming and curing applications.

Specs & Details

The heating rings bolt or clamp to many surfaces.

Ring heaters can be nested to provide concentrated heat in small areas.

Many sheath materials, termination styles, operating temperatures, sizes, voltages, wattage ratings, and mounting devices are available for these ring type heaters.

Heaters are available in 120, 240, and other custom voltages.

Jobco keeps many ring heaters in stock, and can get the Chromalox heaters you need.

These are list prices, so call Jobco for quantity discounts available on ring heaters.

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Single and Three Ring Heat Ring Heaters

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