Saving Money with JOBCO

How does Jobco save you money?  Easy.  If you’ve ever ordered thermocouples, RTDs, cartridge heaters, air heaters, or any other kind of process heater, you know specifications are everything.  Insulation, Tip Type, probe length, shielding, diameter, end profile, lead length, connector types, number of wires, number of sensors -there’s practically no end to the number of numbers  you’re expected to provide to get what you need.  Then making sure they get the information in the proper format is often a crap shoot.

Jobco starts by easing that process.  Their professionals know what specs to ask you about.  They know how to make sure it gets ordered properly.  They also keep track of your purchasing to make reorders as simple as a quick email or phone call.  Jobco can often get you special pricing.  They know about functional equivalents and alternatives because they constantly keep up with the latest and greatest developments in the industry.  And they know how to source unique, hard-to-find products.

Let Jobco start saving you money today!  Call us at 479-424-1300