Skorpion Heat Gun Controller Startup and Shutdown Guidelines

The green number on the right is the set point “SV” temperature, and the red number on the left is the process value (thermocouple output) “PV.” You should not have to press the set or enter buttons on the unit for normal process changes.

Heater startup:

  1. Supply 240V/1Ph power to the heater.
  2. Turn on the large switch to activate the blower.
  3. Turn on the small switch to activate the heater.
  4. Use the up arrow to increase/down arrow to decrease the setpoint value (green number) to your desired temperature (up to 1400F). Other than the blower and heater switches, you really only use the two UP/DOWN buttons for programming the Skorpion.
  5. After a few seconds the “Out1” light should begin to flash, and the process temperature (red number) should start to increase.
  6. Once the heater reaches the setpoint temperature the red and green numbers should stay close to each other, and the heater will automatically apply power to maintain the temperature.

Heater shutdown:

  1. Turn off the small switch to de-activate the heater.
  2. Leave the blower running approximately 30 minutes to cool down the heater element.
  3. Turn off the large switch to de-activate the blower.

Hitting the MODE button  will just cycle through some displays that aren’t really adjustable for the Skorpion heater, except for switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

To change from F to C do the following:

Hold down SET for about 3 seconds when the display changes to “CnPt” hit MODE  , and the display will say “tPUn” on the left and “F” on the right. Use the arrow keys to change that to “C” and hit SET.

The Skorpion temperature controller by itself cannot do Ramp/Soak, but the Skorpion does have an RS485 port for communicating back and forth with a PLC.  The PLC would have the software for doing the ramp rates with the hold options, and it would communicate the heat up/cool down instructions as needed to the Skorpion, based on the temperature readings that the Skorpion sent from its built-in thermocouple.

Delta DTB4824 Skorpion Controller