The Tutco SureHeat Max is a compact and efficient industrial hot air heater solution for air temperatures up to 1400F (760C).  These Tutco SureHeat Max process air heaters are available for 240, 380, and 480 volt single and three phase power applications.  Wattages are available from 6 kilowatts to 36 kilowatts, and each SureHeat Max heaters offers TWO type K thermocouples with a terminal block for easy wiring to the temperature controller.  All Tutco SureHeat Max air heaters come with a mountable housing attached and a ground stud near the heater air inlets.  A Tutco SureHeat Max control panel is recommended to ensure optimum control of your process.

Several years ago Sylvania process heating became Osram process heating, and then on November 1, 2018 a new owner rebranded the process heating group as Tutco SureHeat.  It is the same location, same equipment, and the same employees making reliable industrial hot air heaters.

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