Tote heaters are an excellent solution for keeping your materials at an ideal temperature even when they are surrounded by cold winter air. Here is a closer look at the primary benefits and uses of tote heaters.

  • They are easy to install: Ease of installation is more than a mere convenience. Because tote heaters are easier to install than many other heating systems, they save the owner’s time, energy and money. They also spare owners the hassle of installing and possibly reinstalling another heating system at some point in the future. 
  • Tote heaters will not damage your products: Tote heaters are a lot like thermal blankets except with controlled temperature settings. They are a simple and elegant solution for keeping materials warm without damaging them. As you know, some products can be damaged if they are exposed to high temperatures. For example, if you are using a tote heater in an agricultural setting, you must keep liquid corn mash at a certain temperature so that it can be fed to livestock. 
  • Tote heaters are perfect for keeping chemicals at ideal temperatures: One of the main uses of tote heaters is to store chemicals. Some chemicals are relatively delicate and can become unstable when subjected to even modest temperature deviations. They protect certain chemicals of this kind because they have a thermostatic controller that can help prevent instances of overheating.
  • Consistent heat: Because tote heaters envelope the materials they are keeping warm, they provide all around, consistent heat to certain products. This can be important in maintaining the viscosity, for example, of some fluids. 

Choosing the Right Heating Element

When choosing a heater, there are many considerations that you need to think about. These considerations include the type of heater that you will need, the items that you will be storing, the temperature and power controls, as well as the brand. However, the main thing to keep in mind is whether or not the benefits of the system you do choose outweigh any disadvantages of said system.

There are many types of storage heaters that you can find out there that are sold in the market. The Tote heater is one of the many different types of storage heaters that can meet the needs of a variety of businesses chief among is its use in the agricultural sector. Our 275 gallon tote heater is up to the challenge of keeping a variety of substances at the ideal temperature. We also sell a Watlow cartridge heater and a variety of other heater and heating elements all from leading manufacturers. 

The Advantages of Quartz Heaters

Quartz is a hard and shiny stone used in electronic equipment, generally in watches. Quartz heaters contain some of the most efficient types of heating elements available. They convert 100% of the electrical energy used into heat. The many advantages that quartz heater offer for businesses include: 

  • Even heat distribution: Quartz infrared rays heat the objects directly. They provide steady heat evenly and consistently from whatever location they are placed.
  • Affordability: Quartz infrared heaters are more affordable than other sources of heating. The cost of maintenance is also low for quartz heaters. For example elements heaters last for 3 to 5 years and their cost is about $25. Moreover, since quartz electrical heaters are more energy efficient as they heat objects, they take less time and consume less energy,
  • Quartz heaters are durable: Quartz heaters can last for many years. Even the maintenance required for this type of heater is less.
  • Safe and secure: Quartz infrared heaters are safe in commercial and residential settings because they do not burn oxygen like other heaters do. Quartz infrared heaters use electricity as their heating source. For this reason, they do not release toxic gases and are environmentally friendly.

4 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Heating Element

Budget – Quartz heaters are more efficient than ceramic heating elements. Thus, although they may not outwardly appear to cost less, they do save money in the long term.

Application – You need to consider where your new heating element will be positioned.

Safety – Quartz heaters should be situated at least 3ft away from walls, furniture and other objects to avoid hazards

Speed – Quartz heaters that have become renowned for their ability to heat up quickly and perform at high speeds.

To wrap things up, quartz heaters are efficient and can save businesses money. Take the necessary precautions now to protect products, men and equipment so that you do not encounter an emergency situation that ends up shutting down your operations. Also, browse our site for a quartz heating element, as well as band and immersion heaters. Our products can help to improve your facility’s safety and efficiency.