TCI RTD Probe Transmitters

Resistance Temperature Devices are taking over much of the temperature monitoring industry.  Jobco and TCI have the RTD transmitters you need for any application.  RTDs have an almost linear response across their range.  That means swapping is a snap.  The Nickel sensor gives these RTDs a range from -40° to 200° C.

One reason RTDs are taking over the temperature monitoring business is lifetime cost. The automotive industry uses RTDs for everything from measuring engine temperature to transmission and oil temps.

The RTDs may cost triple what a thermocouple will cost, but the cost over time is the real story.  Thermocouple responses drift as the sensor oxidizes or is otherwise affected by the environment, sometimes beginning within hours of installation.  Thermocouples have a response which resembles an “S” curve. RTDs are restricted for use in the range where they have linear response.  That means there’s no appreciable degradation.  They last far longer than thermocouples.  That also means they’re about ten times more accurate than thermocouples and the changeout is simply that -a changeout.

This is a good page to learn more about RTDs: RTD Sensor Working Principle and Its Applications

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