Tip for Increasing Molding Machine Productivity

Any successful method of controlling the quality and the cost of a product depends on how well the machines that produce that product are maintained. There is no getting around this fact. There is also no getting around the fact that the more productive a machine is the greater its output can be. This is just as true with molding machines as it is with any other factory machine. Unfortunately, injection molding machines are often overlooked by many businesses. In this post we’ll attempt to look at some ways to increase the productivity of this vital machine and at the same time your bottom line.

  • Dedicate several hours each quarter for maintenance checkups: Preventive maintenance helps save you money by reducing machine down time. It is also an opportunity to assess whether or not upgrades are needed and whether or not your machine is working at peak efficiency. The manpower time you use on checking your molding machine could pay huge dividend in uninterrupted production time.
  • Train your people well on the use of your injection molding machines: Take advantage of every available opportunity to train the people who will be using the machine on its proper use. This will make them more productive, less likely to damage the machine and better able to report on its inefficiencies.coil heater
  • Inspect machine hoses on a weekly basis: A hose rupture could cause your machine to cut off. If it does you will not only lose time and potentially cause a back up in your products, you will also have to clean up afterwards. To check for problems, feel for weak spots or signs of crimping in your hoses. This means that a particular hose may be nearing the end of its life. Take replacing hoses as seriously as you would replacing coil heaters or any other machine component.
  • Verify that your incoming power lines are tight at machine’s main breaker: If the power lines leading to your molding machine is loose it could lead to a fire. You should therefore check the power lines and the heater circuit of the machine.

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