Chromalox_Immersion_Heaters-flangedIMMERSION HEATERS: An Overview

Immersion heaters consist of tubular heating elements that are often in the form of a “U” or circular shape. Users can choose from several different immersion heater configurations and styles by selecting from an array of heating capacities (kilowatt ratings), voltages, sheath materials, terminal housings, thermostat types and extras.

The immersion heater elements are attached to a wiring box by using joining methods such as welding or brazing. The wiring box of such a heater typically is separated from the immersion solution via gaskets, bolt-on flanges, screw plug fittings, or an extension that allows the conduit box to hang over the side of the tank away from the immersion liquid.

along with being highly efficient, immersion heaters are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, which makes them  ideal for a wide variety of industrial or commercial applications. For instance, they are a good choice for the food and beverage sector to heat liquids such as water, oil, pulp or milk. Immersion heaters are also useful for freeze protection applications, and many different heat transfer systems make use of an immersion heater.

When ordering an immersion heater, there is an array of heater types, heating capacities (kilowatt ratings), voltages, sheath materials, terminal housings, thermostats and thermal cut-outs to choose from.

There are several standard products available to purchase from; however, most manufacturers also offer a number of custom alternatives for the customer’s unique application. With expert engineering capabilities, immersion heaters can be made for use in corrosive or explosive environments and pressurized heating systems.

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Urn Immersion Heaters for Buffet Tables, Steam Tables, and Catering Tables.  These Chromalox buffet table heaters are supplied with a thermal cutout that is designed to de-energize the heater when the liquid is gone.  If the heater elements are PARTIALLY IMMERSED in water, then this will overwork the heater causing it to burn out faster than normal.  The thermal cutout is a safety precaution feature and should NOT be continuously used as your “low liquid” detector to alert you to the need for adding water.  Your steam table needs a regular maintenance schedule that keeps the heater elements TOTALLY IMMERSED IN WATER and keeps the heater elements free of corrosion build-up by using copper wool to clean them.  Click here if you only need a straight steam table heater.

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Installing a TTUH-CO Urn Heater with a Thermal Cut-Off

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Chromalox TTUH / TTUH-CO Overview

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