Tutco SureHeat Max air heaters in textile applications include welding plastic or vinyl fabrics, heat-treating specialty fabrics, waterproofing, binding, curing, and drying. Because of their quick heat-up times, these air heaters are ideal for assembly machines and the high-speed manufacturing requirements in the textile industry.

The Tutco SureHeat Max hot air heater delivers efficient heating for air temperatures up to 1652°F (900°C). It is available for purchase in a range of wattages (6.0kW – 36.0kW), and stock heaters come in a variety of single- and three-phase voltages (240V/380V/480V). The heater is rated for air pressures up to 60 PSI (4 bar), amps from 7.2 to 45.6, and inlet temperatures of no more than 200°F.

The compact stainless steel heater body makes the Max hot air heater very durable. The ground stud located at the inlet is easily accessible for mounting the heater. The Max Heater comes with two type “K” thermocouples that are quickly wired using the attached terminal block. Each hot air heater comes with threaded inlet and exit ports for convenient air connections. The Max contains a high-temperature plastic wiring enclosure with built-in connections and an exposed wire element for rapid heating/cooling.

Connecting the Max with a Tutco SureHeat Max Control Panel ensures the product’s safety and allows for precise control of the heater’s power. Did you know that your warranty doubles when you combine a Max Controller and a Max heater on the same purchase order? Call Jobco today to order your Tutco SureHeat Max hot air heaters for your textile applications at 479-424-1300 or email sales@jobcosupply.com.

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