SRE Serpentine Replacement Elements

TUTCO SureHeat SREs (Serpentine Replacement Elements) are an easy upgrade to European field-replaceable heating element cartridges for various process heating products. Each SRE assembly has six individual Serpentine™ heating elements. Unlike other heating element solutions, Serpentine™ Technology supports the entire length of the coiled heating wire. This extra support minimizes the damaging effects on the wire that occur during the heating and cooling processes. Premature failures caused by equipment movement or horizontal mounting can be avoided. This support is critical for processes that move the heater. SRE products can be mounted vertically or horizontally and are built for demanding processes. The design increases the contact surface between air and wires, resulting in improved high-temperature performance and faster ramp-up time. The SRE build construction is designed for industrial processes and is highly durable. It includes stainless steel housings, high-quality connectors, and machined ceramics, all contributing to the SRE’s robust design.

  • Direct replacement for air heater elements manufactured in Europe
  • Durable 304 Stainless Steel housing
  • Heavy-duty electrical pin connectors
  • High-temperature ceramic inner housing
  • Mica-wrap for double insulation
  • Elements supported by threaded ceramic rod
  • Gold-plated high-current contact pins
SRE Serpentine Replacement Elements

F0685352.75"7,000240V 3PH
F0685392.75"7,000480V 3PH
F0685412.75"9,000480V 3PH
F0685443.50"12,000240V 3PH
F0685473.50"12,000480V 3PH
F0685772.75"6,000380V 3PH
F0685782.75"7,500380V 3PH
F0685813.50"10,000380V 3PH
F0728872.75"6,000440V 3PH
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