Electrical and mechanical enclosures located outdoors or in basements often present special problems.  They may contain batteries that don’t hold up in cold weather.  Even tougher problems are condensation, freezing, and corrosion that may occur inside the box.

Jobco features a variety of Tempco enclosure heaters–ceramic, finned strip, tubular, and silicone.  These heaters are specifically made to keep enclosures warm, dry, and running.  The heating elements are typically enclosed in a perforated aluminum shell or silicone substrate to prevent contact with the elements. Tempco heaters are designed to help electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical equipment maintain peak performance by providing protection against cold temperatures, condensation, and corrosion.

Whether you’re caring for ATMs, electrical boxes, Traffic control boxes, motors, or any other kind of enclosure that really doesn’t need to sweat inside, Jobco and Tempco have just the heater you need.

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Tempco Enclosure heaters