Tutco Sureheat® Offers Max HT 900°c Air Heaters To Product Line


Tutco SureHeat now offers a process air heater that will allow manufacturers to increase productivity through increased speeds.  This breakthrough design provides higher process temperatures without contributing to excessive heater replacements and down time.

The Tutco Sureheat facility in New Hampshire has been producing electric process air heaters for over 40 years to provide precise/repeatable heat that can be targeted where needed. New heater designs are constantly being added to meet changing requirements in the industry. Tutco SureHeat is under new ownership and very proud of their expanding product line for higher temperatures by adding a 900°C air heater in response to industry needs. The SUREHEAT® MAX HT reduces down-time and extends heater life with a rugged element design, when it is compared to a standard heater running at a lower process temperature.

Why were the Tutco SureHeat Max HT Heaters made?

The need for higher temperatures has grown for several reasons:  increased productivity demands higher equipment speeds, which requires higher process air temperatures; new products being developed require higher processing temperatures; and many heating applications are being converted from gas flames to hot air.

Existing heaters that were being run at or near their maximum recommended temperatures could be pushed to run at slightly higher temperatures, but only with DRAMATICALLY shortened heater life.  This resulted in frequent heater replacements and increased downtime. Any increase in productivity had to be carefully balanced against the increased operating costs due to replacements.

A second option was to connect two heaters in a series, using the second heater to provide a slight boost to the temperature exiting in the first heater. This option was limited to heaters specifically designed for high inlet temperatures such as the Tutco SureHeat flanged heaters and threaded inline heaters.

The SUREHEAT® Max HT is designed to heat air to 1652°F (900°C) over a wide range of air flows, not just at one flow rate, and in a real world production environment of typical vibrations and movement. The 1652°F temperature is 252°F (140°C) HIGHER than the standard TUTCO SUREHEAT Max.

The increase in air temperature is made possible by increasing the length of the heater slightly, which allows for an increase in the surface area of the element wire.  It also provides an increase in the dwell time of the air inside the heater, while supporting the element winding over its ENTIRE LENGTH, not just on the ends of the windings.

By increasing the overall length of the heater, TUTCO SUREHEAT is able to increase the element wire length and diameter while maintaining the same wattage. The increased wire diameter makes for a more rugged element, and increasing the diameter and length provides more surface area for transferring energy from the element to the air. The increased length also increases the dwell time of the air inside the heater and allows the air temperature to more closely approach the wire temperature.

sureheat_max_ht_performanceThe key to being able to make a longer element without sacrificing heater robustness, is our serpentine winding and the supporting threaded ceramic rod. Each turn of the element winding is individually supported on the center threaded rod to eliminate the potential for the element to sag towards one end due to vibration, gravity and/or air flow pressure. Standard helical coils are supported on the ends only and tend to sag over time. Helical coil sagging issues occur more often with increased coil length. As the element turns bunch up at the exit end of the heater, the watt density and element temperatures increase, which dramatically shortens heater life.

Additional Features:
• Small size – 4” diameter body
• Threaded inlet and exit ports for convenient air connections in systems
• Built in terminal strip and high temperature plastic wiring enclosure
• Rugged stainless steel heater body
• Stainless steel mounting base
• Built in external duplex type K Exit thermocouple & Inlet type K thermocouple for low flow protection
• Exposed wire low mass element for fast heat up/cool down
• Rated for pressures up to 60 PSI (4 bar)
• UL Recognized component

Part Number Max. Watts Max. Volts Max. Amps  60 Deg C Wire Size* 90 Deg C Wire Size*
077081 18000 240 3P 43.4 8 10
077082 18000 380 3P 27.4 10 12
077083 18000 480 3P 21.7 12 12
077084 30000 380 3P 45.6 8 8
077085 36000 480 3P 43.4 8 10

* These are recommended wire sizes.  Follow applicable electrical codes during installation!!!

Tutco SureHeat offers engineering assistance in selecting the proper heater model and control system for your application. The Max HT model’s convenient electrical connections, integral thermocouples, and threaded air ports make mounting the heater quick and easy.  Call Jobco Inc. at 479-424-1300 to select the right Tutco SureHeat Max HT heater for your application.