Why Do People Buy Propane and Gas Tank Warmers?

PowerBlanket tank heater blankets can be used to heat and insulate compressed gases, like Propane, Butane, Nirtrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen Fluoride, Sulfer Hexafluoride, Boron Trichloride, and Tungsten Hexafluoride.  A Powerblanket propane tank heater, or any other compressed gas tank heater, provides uniform heat distribution throughout the entire surface of the heater.  The PowerBlanket tank heater’s even heating keeps the gas at an optimum temperature.  As a result, your tank pressure (PSIG) remains adequate in the chilly months, and needless tank refills are no longer an issue when it’s cold outside.

Powerblanket Gas Cylinder Warmers:

  • Heat, Insulate & Protect your Compressed Gas Tanks
  • Provide a Full Wrap Design Tank Heater–Keeping the Hot In & Cold Out
  • Have Straps that can be Tightened & an Adjustable Opening at the Top for Minimizing Heat Loss
  • Are Safe on a Many Different Gases
  • Are Certified to UL/CSA Safety Standards

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