Stop Letting Your Pipes Freeze

Thaw Pipes with PowerBlanket Pipe Blanket Heaters

PowerBlanket heated pipe wraps are an economical way to prevent frozen pipes by providing insulation and heat.  These pipe heaters can also be used to thaw frozen pipes and keep them flowing during the chilliest, Artic-like weather.

PowerBlanket pipe heaters are self-regulating and feature the new “Rapid-Ramp Heating” technology that slashes your normal heat-up times by 50%.  These insulated pipe blanket wraps offer uniform heat distribution AND low energy consumption by using the patented heat spreading GreenHeat technology.

Pipe Blanket Types

Standard black vinyl pipe heating blankets are rated for exterior temperatures as low as -10 deg F/-23 deg C, and the Roughneck gray alloy vinyl pipe blankets are rated even lower at -60 deg F/-51 deg C.  Please note: results are dependent upon the unique combination of environmental conditions.

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