PowerBlanket Keeps Your Foam Working in the Cold

The Powerblanket® Foam Box and Cylinder Warmers, with even-heating (GreenHeat™) technology, allows foam to function properly in cold ambient temperatures, which keeps work commitments on time. This warming container delivers an invisible layer of insulated heat to spray foam and other products which optimizes your application in a chilly environment.

A warming container can help you in so many ways:

  • Allows foam to activate correctly in cold climates, so your project runs efficiently.
  • Designed to accommodate spray foam kit boxes AND cylinders.
  • Spraying is a breeze, because the foam temperature remains the same during your process.
  • Heating up things like caulking, paints and work supplies.
  • Keeps the hoses, nozzles, guns and equipment at a cozy temperature.
  • Comes with a lid on top for providing accessability.
  • Has UL/CSA/CE standards certification