Serpentine Hot Air Heaters for Packaging

When paper sack packaging transitioned to plastic liners for moisture resistance, manufacturers of bag sewing equipment, used in pet food and farm grain bags, developed new bagging equipment requiring heat to seal the product. The Serpentine II air Heater offers distinct advantages. It ensures rapid heat-up time of air passing through the heater and efficient heat transfer. Compared to other heaters, the Serpentine II is ideal for quicker heating due to the rate at which bags move through the machine. These heaters, when used with a controller and thermocouple, extend the life of the heater element and enhance efficiencies.

For packaging machinery manufacturers and customers, TUTCO SureHeat heaters present an optimal heat solution. They are designed and manufactured specifically for plastic packaging, drying, and various other packaging applications. TUTCO SureHeat heaters boast increased line speed, reduced power consumption, and faster heat up and cool down times compared to competitors. With an extensive range of standard heating products and the ability to offer custom solutions, TUTCO SureHeat possesses the expertise to address any packaging application’s heating needs, ensuring repeatable and reliable results over a long lifespan.


• Adhesive Activation

• Dehumidification

• Moisture Removal

• Plastic Sealing

• Product Air Drying

Plastic Packaging

• Meat Wrapping

• Heat Shrink

• Flexible Packaging

• Package Printing


Packaging is just one of the many applications using TUTCO heaters. Regardless of your industry or applications, TUTCO can provide a variety off-the-shelf and custom heater solutions.