Designed for High Temperature, High Pressure, AND High Power Applications

Specialty Flanged Inline Heaters


Whether the job is for R&D, Quality Testing of components, or as a key component in OEM equipment, Tutco SureHeat’s Specialty Flanged Inline Air Heaters provide a safe, precise, and durable option for demanding applications.   These high temperature and repeatable heaters are ideal for research and laboratory settings, quality control, and/or as an OEM component. These inline air heaters are being used worldwide for FAA repair facilities, nanotechnology advancements, fuel efficiency improvements, emission reduction, and renewable energy research.

These high temperature flanged inline heaters offer fast heat up and smaller floor space.  Tutco SureHeat built a replacement for a 30 foot long competitor’s air heater.  The Tutco SureHeat design was only 6 feet long AND resulted in a faster heat up time than the competitor’s heater.  Custom heaters have been manufactured to provide 2 MegaWatts of power, up to 1650F temperatures, and up to 1200 p.s.i. air pressures.  Call Jobco at 479-424-1300 to request a quote for your custom application.

Inline Electric Duct Heaters


TUTCO SUREHEAT Inline Duct Heaters provide ultra-compact, fast response heating for a multitude of industrial and research applications where gas pressure is ≤ 10 PSI. Tutco SureHeat’s proprietary Serpentine heating elements deliver the industry’s highest watt density ensuring a compact installation and low weight with fast ramp and response times. Factory pre-assembled with flanged connections and a round, heavy duty duct housing assures a quick, uncomplicated installation. A complete TUTCO SUREHEAT system includes a power supply control panel assuring safe, reliable operations.

Specialty Inline Threaded Heaters


For Tutco SureHeat’s High Pressure Applications up to 150 P.S.I.

  • Air temperature controllable to 1400°F (760°C)

  • Both ends threaded 3/8″, 1/2″, 1-1/4″, and 2-1/2″ NPT

  • 304 stainless steel housing

  • Recommended minimum airflow 60 SCFH