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A GreenHeat Technology patent is used in ALL Powerblanket® products to provide energy efficiency across the entire surface of the heater–there are NO COLD SPOTS!   Powerblanket engineers have designed a long-lasting and low-cost outdoor blanket heater by using weatherproof materials like UV-stabilized vinyl materials, welded seams, and modern heating technologies that can handle extremely cold outdoor environments.

Custom heating blankets are available with 2 to 4 week lead times. Lead times are dependent on the current production demands at the time the order is placed. Rush lead times can also be provided with an additional 15% surcharge. Call Jobco at 479-424-1300 now to order a stock or custom PowerBlanket heater.

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Full Wrap Tote Heaters for Maximum Freeze Protection

Stop fooling around with precarious heating belts or difficult immersion heaters. Powerblanket tote heaters can be used for more than warming DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) totes. With their patented GreenHeat technology, the ENTIRE surface of the tote heater blanket has uniform heat distribution, so these heaters can provide insulation for any IBC (intermediate bulk container) tote used for other temperature sensitive materials, like chemicals, water, petroleum, and food products. PowerBlanket heaters can provide freeze protection for pump housings, hoses, nozzles, and drums, too.

Why Do Our Customers Love PowerBlanket Tote Heaters?

Adjustable straps to securely attach the heater blanket • Even Heating and low energy consumption

Simple way to control viscosity or aid with thermal mixing • Safe for Stainless Steel & Poly Totes/Tanks

Freeze Protection to -40 deg F/-40 deg C • UL/CSA/ETL Certified – U.S.A.

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PowerBlanket News and Resource Guides

Why Do People Buy Propane and Gas Tank Warmers?

PowerBlanket tank heater blankets can be used to heat and insulate compressed gases, like Propane, Butane, Nirtrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen Fluoride, Sulfer Hexafluoride, Boron Trichloride, and Tungsten Hexafluoride.  A Powerblanket propane tank heater, or any other compressed gas tank heater, provides uniform heat distribution throughout the entire surface of the heater.  The PowerBlanket tank heater’s even […]

Stop Letting Your Pipes Freeze

Thaw Pipes with PowerBlanket Pipe Blanket Heaters PowerBlanket heated pipe wraps are an economical way to prevent frozen pipes by providing insulation and heat.  These pipe heaters can also be used to thaw frozen pipes and keep them flowing during the chilliest, Artic-like weather. PowerBlanket pipe heaters are self-regulating and feature the new “Rapid-Ramp Heating” […]

PowerBlanket Keeps Your Foam Working in the Cold

The Powerblanket® Foam Box and Cylinder Warmers, with even-heating (GreenHeat™) technology, allows foam to function properly in cold ambient temperatures, which keeps work commitments on time. This warming container delivers an invisible layer of insulated heat to spray foam and other products which optimizes your application in a chilly environment. A warming container can help […]

What are you looking for–Drum Heaters, Barrel Heaters, or  Pail Heaters?

Drum heater blankets are extremely useful for keeping your oil and liquids at the correct process temperatures.  No more frozen liquids or temperature-related viscosity issues, when you are using a Powerblanket barrel heater during icy weather conditions. With a PowerBlanket drum heater or pail heater, it’s possible to say good-bye to band heaters, blowers, heating belts, and […]

Why Do We Need Concrete Curing Blankets?

Concrete curing CANNOT take place on a surface, if it is frozen, if it is below freezing temperature, or if it has snow, ice, or frost on it.  So during those bitter cold months, there is no concrete curing without Powerblanket’s electric concrete blankets.  These heat blankets have a proprietary Green Heat technology to speed […]